Posted on September 5, 2008

Group Pushing Hispanic License Plate Sues Florida for Refusing to Approve Tag

News-Journal (Daytona Beach), September 4, 2008

A group trying to get a Hispanic specialty license plate filed a federal lawsuit today against Florida, claiming that an unconstitutional and discriminatory state rule is blocking it from getting the tag.


The lawsuit claims that the sampling method required by the state would doom the proposed Hispanic specialty plate. That’s because the state requires a statewide random survey instead of allowing Hispanic Achievers to focus on Hispanic residents.

The lawsuit asks that the state be barred from requiring Hispanic Achievers [the plaintiff] to follow the existing rule and allow the group to use “a new non-discriminatory survey.” It also asks the court to require the state to extend an Oct. 1 deadline for submission of the survey.

But the state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles countered in a letter to Sudbury on Sept. 4 that its rule is “neutral and nondiscriminatory.”