Posted on September 10, 2008

FEMA Aid for Undocumented Immigrants With U.S. Born Children

Melissa Cabral, WINK-TV (Cape Coral, Florida), September 8, 2008

A FEMA Spokesman tells WINK News undocumented immigrants can receive federal aid if a child is a U.S. citizen. It’s been agency policy for a number of years.

FEMA Spokesperson William Lindsey says, “If there’s someone who lives there like a child who has a social security number the parent can file under the child’s social security number.”

An undocumented who asked not to be identified says many will not apply out of fear, “They feel afraid because they have to give personal information out they’re more at risk for getting caught by immigration and getting deported.”

The idea of idea of undocumented immigrants receiving federal aid is sparking mixed emotions in Southwest Florida.


Mary Clutz disagrees saying, “I feel sorry for people like that but what are you going to do when so many of our people are legal don’t get help.”