Posted on September 19, 2008

Canada Targets Immigration Funding to Women Migrants

Charlotte Norman, Gobal Visas (London), September 19, 2008

As Canada plans to improve immigration services and processes in order to attract greater numbers of migrants in to the country, particularly skilled workers, it has emerged that funding is being directly provided to Women’s immigration centres.

Only recently, Citizenship Immigration and Canada (CIC) announced intentions to fund immigration services in the area of Durham, Canada, an area which is becoming increasingly popular with migrants looking to live and work in Canada.

Now the CIC has announced funding for a Toronto women’s centre that will provide settlement and integration services for an estimated 1,100 immigrant’s in the local community.

This funding which is estimated at around $5.2 million is being intended to go towards providing settlement services—including referrals to community resources, advice and guidance and employment-related services.

As Canada tries to recruit foreign workers in an attempt to aid the country’s ageing population and skills short labour force, integration services are being given great priority.

Canada has taken the approach to immigration that, merely getting people into the country via revamped visa processes is not where the departments’ duties should end. It has been proven by a number of Canadian studies that those migrants which receive greater integration support tend to progress quicker to jobs which suit their skills set, which in turn benefits the country from an economical perspective.

The settlement services administered targeted towards helping immigrant women and their families aim to help make such women become self-sufficient in Canadian society.

The news of further funding to women’s institutes follows on from statistics revealed that show that greater numbers of women are becoming the primary applicants in immigration petitions under programs such as the federal skilled worker program.

Speaking of the funding, Canadian Immigration Minister Diane Finley said “Our Government believes in immigration and is committed to helping newcomers and their families succeed. We are also committed to promoting the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of the country.”

She further went on to say that “Settlement services give newcomers the help they need to learn one of our official languages, find a job and settle into the community.”