Posted on September 9, 2008

Affirmative Action Is Ruthless Looting

Dan Roodt, Times (Johannesburg), September 7, 2008

Mamphela Ramphele’s attempt to give the so-called employment equity system some credibility should be deemed a failure.

The damage has already been done and the civil service, public healthcare, the railways, ports and road infrastructure bear testimony to the insidious effects of racial preference on South Africa.

The current system of race preferences in favour of blacks cannot be reformed—it can only be abolished.

Employment equity is but an Orwellian euphemism denying whites employment, as well as educational and business opportunities, on the grounds of race.

The ANC may be more subtle than Zanu-PF, but the ultimate goal is the same—getting rid of whites altogether. Most whites, English and Afrikaans, have seen the writing on the wall.

They have either left the country or have become self-employed, waging a constant struggle for survival in small businesses run from homes and garages without pension schemes, medical aid or access to capital, which is largely reserved for blacks.

According to economist Mike Schussler, 50% of all white males are self-employed. It is a staggering statistic.

Not only are whites made to feel distinctly unwelcome at government departments, but banks and other private institutions have also transformed to the extent that one hardly sees a white face behind a counter. In fact, we would need an affirmative action policy for whites just to persuade large corporations to employ them at all, especially young ones, given the anti-white ethos that oozes from the very pores of this amazingly violent, corrupt society.

Whites lacking in entrepreneurial and technical skills have been condemned to poverty and despair, despite being literate and hard-working.

On the other hand, one-third of all municipal councillors controlling budgets in the billions are illiterate.

To create wealth, one needs skills.

To loot the wealth of others does not require any skill, except being ruthless and arrogant.

The race-proud Africans of Zimbabwe and South Africa have shown themselves to possess an abundant capacity for both.