Posted on July 23, 2008

Detroit Mayor Accused of Texting Additional Women

Corey William, AP, July 22, 2008

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now charged with exchanging romantic text messages with additional women in the scandal that has him fighting allegations that he lied under oath about an intimate relationship with his former chief of staff.

An investigator’s report says the Wayne County prosecutor’s office has determined that Kilpatrick sent and received text messages with “intimate or romantic content” to several women who were not his wife or former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty.


The allegations led the prosecutor’s office to amend two current charges against the 38-year-old mayor. The amended complaint was signed by a district court magistrate and changes a misconduct-in-office charge and one of four perjury charges.

The misconduct-in-office charge alleges that Kilpatrick authorized the city to prevent the release of text messages containing intimate or romantic messages to women other than his wife or Beatty.

The amended perjury charge accuses Kilpatrick of lying under oath about romantic or sexual relationships with Beatty “and or other persons not his wife.”


“She [prosecutor Kym Worthy] has no case, and the city is tired of it,” Kilpatrick said after an event promoting Labor Day activities in Detroit.