Posted on June 26, 2008

Police Union Standing by Mexican Militia Reports

KFYI (Dallas-Ft. Worth), n.d.

A top member of a Phoenix police union is standing by reports that at least one of the men involved in a Monday morning home invasion and homicide was an active member in the Mexican Army.


While on the J.D. Hayworth show Tuesday, Mark Spencer announced that the suspects were hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and murders.

The incident at 8329 W. Cypress St. resulted in the death of the homeowner. Between 50 and 100 rounds were fired at the house.

Spencer said a police officer told him that one of the men captured said they were completely prepared to ambush Phoenix police, but ran out of ammunition.

He added that all were all dressed in military tactical gear and were armed with AR-15 assault rifles. Three other men involved in the invasion escaped.


[Editor’s Note: Police documents relating to this case are available on-line here.]

None of the men accused in a deadly west Phoenix home invasion this week is an active member of the Mexican military, according to Phoenix police.

Daniel Garcia-Saenz, 24; Manual Garcia-Trejom, 25; and Rodolfo Madrigal Lopez, 19, were arrested Sunday night in connection with the slaying of Andrew Williams, 30, who was gunned down in his home in the 8300 block of West Cypress Avenue.

The assailants wore body armor, had assault-style rifles and used more than 100 rounds of ammunition.