Posted on June 16, 2008

Man Says Killing Witness Was Brotherly Thing to Do

Susannah A. Nesmith, Miami Herald, June 13, 2008

Wadada Delhall told police he did what he had to do to save his little brother’s life, shooting a man at least 11 times.

Delhall believed his brother was facing the death penalty for a different murder and the only thing he could do to save him was to kill the witness, he said in his confession.

Ultimately, Delhall’s brother, Negus Delhall, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Now Wadada Delhall is facing Death Row. His trial began Friday.

Assistant State Attorney Luis Menéndez-Aponte said Wadada Delhall was simply following a “no snitch” street creed, eliminating a witness who had told police what happened.


The man he allegedly killed, Hubert McCrae, told police as he lay dying in a pool of his own blood that Negus Delhall’s brother was the man who shot him, Menéndez-Aponte told the jury. That was in 2001 at Ray’s Auto Repair Shop on Opa-Locka Boulevard.

McCrae, a repairman at the shop, was a witness to another murder there in 1998. He told police he saw Negus Delhall shoot and kill Gilbert Bennett. That murder was over drugs.