Posted on April 4, 2008

Tom Short and Jared Taylor—Dangerous Men

Kyle Walker, Ubuntu (Texas A&M), April 3, 2008


The other man that is dangerous and just appeared on campus April 1 is Jared Taylor. He was invited by a student organization called Aggie Independents. This guy proclaims that diversity is our problem and demands that those who oppose his viewpoints to offer one refutation. I will: Adolf Hitler.


Taylor is nothing new . .  . he is a new packaging on an old evil.

I’ve been at Texas A&M for 10 years and watched it leave these kinds of voices behind during the Robert Gates era. I’m saddened to see these evil voices coming back at the invitation of Aggies.

Many say that freedom of speech is protected. And, yes it is. That is not my complaint. I would say that Hitler would be in his rights to speak on the A&M campus (and U.T. or anywhere). What I think we should be alarmed is not that these folks say what they say. What we should be alarmed about is that folks like this are INVITED by recognized Texas A&M student organizations and presented in an environment in which the opposite voice is never heard on campus.

Perhaps myself and my organization need to quit being so nice. Perhaps we need to step up and make sure that contrasting opinions from this are heard. Either way, the presence of these two men on campus invited by our students is a sign that there is a strong opinion on campus that it is preferred that people would not be something other than white and conservative Christian.

But perhaps that is why you don’t see liberals talking on campus in contrast. We don’t want a world where everyone is alike. My ideal world includes conservatives, whites, and heterosexuals . . . it just includes everyone else equally as well.

In the interest of balance I want to say though that United Campus Ministry at Texas A&M has spent 80 years being a voice to balance out the voices of exclusion on this campus. I’m proud that we are so resilient. Here are some things I’m proud about that we have done over the years: