Posted on February 4, 2008

Email Action Against Hate Speech at MSU

Media Mouse (Grand Rapids, Mich.), February 4, 2008

The group Michigan Against White Supremacy has issued the following email action alert to protest a planned speech by the racist Jared Taylor at Michigan State University:

Please take a moment to send the following pre-written email to Michigan State University’s administration urging them to cancel racist Jared Taylor’s planned speech:

Michigan Against White Supremacy

Welcome to the campaign page for Michigan Against White Supremacy. We are sending the message below to the appropriate representatives and/or opinion leaders. To make your voice heard, please fill out the form below to submit this letter in your name.

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Michigan Against White Supremacy

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MSU President Simon,

I was appalled to hear that the MSU student group Young Americans for Freedom is bringing white supremacist Jared Taylor to give a lecture on the perils of “multiculturism.”

MSU-YAF has brought many overtly racist speakers in the past and is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Contrary to the claim of YAF that disallowing these speakers would violate their First Amendment rights, it is an issue of hate speech rather than that of free speech. Jared Taylor attempts to justify racism through empirical thought and asserts that there is a natural racial hierarchy. He utilizes the guise of intellectual discourse to proselytize hate. Taylor uses scientific ultrarationality—similar to that used by Hitler during the holocaust—to defend his prejudice against non-white races.

There is a distinct difference between free speech and hate speech. Taylor’s abhorrence of non-white races, as formed into lectures advocating the subjugation of any person who is non-white, are not protected under the Constitution. Speech that aims to portray people of color as less than human and innately inferior is both morally repugnant and an assault on basic human rights.

Additionally, both YAF and the MSU administration have failed to provide the source of funding by which racist speakers, such as Jared Taylor, are compensated for their lectures at the university. The lack of transparency and the unwillingness of both YAF and the MSU administration is suspect, and I urge MSU to account for the origins of funding for this hate group.

Taylor will not bring about any intellectual discussion or analysis of race issues and his lecture can only serve to further divide people of different races and cultures. This is why I demand that the MSU administration cancel the Jared Taylor event and take action against hate speech on campus.

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