Posted on January 22, 2008

Right-Wingers Gather Against ‘Islamisation’

The Australian (Sydney), January 18, 2008

SEVERAL European far-right parties announced a new organisation aimed at fighting the “Islamisation” of Europe.

The group dubbed “Cities against Islamisation” was presented to the media in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp by Filip Dewinter, head of the far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) along with Austrian FPOE leader Heinz-Christian Strace and Robert Spieler of the regionalist Alsace First group.

Parties from Britain (the British National Party), Denmark, Germany and Italy were also represented at the launch of the group which has a road-sign-style crossed-out mosque as its logo.

Thirty members of the new organisation then set off on a walk around areas of Antwerp with a high immigrant population.

Belgium’s second city Antwerp has a cosmopolitan population that includes a substantial minority originating from Muslim countries.

It has also been the main bastion of Vlaams Belang for the last 20 years, as the far-right party pursues its goal of an independent Flemish state.