Posted on January 24, 2008

Racism Is One-Way Street

Robert Reece, Daily Mississipian (Univ. of Miss. student paper), January 23, 2008

Reverse racism is a term that usually means discrimination against the majority or those in power based on their race.

For example, some claim that affirmative action is reverse racism, as it gives blacks and other minorities an unfair advantage, but I don’t believe those claims can ever be considered valid.


For example, if there are two groups of students, one all black and the other all white, sitting at separate tables in the Student Union discussing how much they hate the other race, would both tables be guilty of the same degree of racism?

The answer is a resounding no.

If blacks and whites had identical historical backgrounds, all would be considered bigots.

While I’m not condoning hatred of anyone based on the color of their skin, the black students can’t be considered truly racist because of the history between blacks and whites.

White people used race as a claim of superiority over blacks, and used it as a reason to enslave them and discriminate against them long after their emancipation; their hate grew from no valid reason.

Blacks on the other hand were forced into a hostile role in order to protect themselves and try to gain equality. Hardly equal circumstances.


By simply being the majority, [whites] hold enough of the powerful positions to deny loans, to deny access to country clubs, to charge more and effectively oppress the minority.


No minority has the power to limit or influence the opportunities of the white majority, and in actuality, most minorities barely have the power to influence their own opportunities.


Racism is built into the institutions that govern our country—not necessarily just the “government,” but big businesses, banks, the media and military as well—and through control of these institutions white people have the ability to define reality. What they say goes.


Racism is a one-way street that minorities don’t have access to, nor do they have the power to block it off. Since white people paved and privately own the street, any sights of minorities are nothing more than urban legend.