Posted on January 16, 2008

Britney Wants to Marry Paparazzo Lover and Embrace Islam

Thaindian News (Bangkok), January 13, 2008

Britney Spears is planning to marry her paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib, and convert to his faith, Islam, it has been revealed.

According to sources, the Toxic singer has been telling pals how much she loves Ghalib, and that she’s intent on tying the knot with him.

Britney has even been threatening to fake her own death to start a new life with him in Pakistan.

A close pal revealed that the troubled singer wants the ceremony to be conducted by a minister from the Church of Scientology, adding that her whole clan is in a state of shock.

Britney is said to have announced her exciting news last week on a beach in Mexico, where she fled by private jet with Ghalib.

Spears, who has been married twice before, is believed to be adamant on getting hitched with Ghalib, despite several warnings from her close friends and aides.

Shes been told it would be an act of insanity to marry this man. She says shes doing it and she doesnt give a ——— what anyone thinks, the Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.

Britney has been in this position before but she cant seem to stop herself. Its amazing that after two failed marriages shes about to go through it again, the source added.

The singer is also demanding a Scientology ceremony similar to that of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

She’s not a member but is getting interested in the whole thing. In a way, her friends are hoping she does get involved because religion could sort her out, the source said.

A Scientology spokesman said that the Church of Scientology would be happy to provide a minister to marry Britney and her third husband.

Spears has been previously married to childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander and rapper Kevin Federline.