Posted on December 5, 2007

EACS Claims Students Are Lying About Racist Notes

Eric Olson, WPTA-TV (Fort Wayne), December 5, 2007

Results have been made public of an investigation into alleged racist notes at Heritage High School. East Allen County Schools launched the inquiry after two black Heritage High students claimed threatening racist notes were placed in their lockers. The notes allegedly contained drawings of a Confederate flag, Ku Klux Klan references and racist statements threatening the students.

East Allen County Schools launched an investigation into the incident last week and released their findings Wednesday evening. Officials say after interviewing over one hundred students they’ve concluded that one note was found, not two as previously reported. They say that note was found in a desk drawer in a science classroom, not in a locker as the black students claim.

And finally, East Allen County administrators say at least one and possibly two students have intentionally lied about the incident with the intent of deceiving school officials.