Posted on December 21, 2007

League to Fight Attacks on Migrants in the US

El Mundo, December 20, 2007

Hispanic activists announced that they will create the Mexican League Against Defamation, an initiative to combat the offensive and defamatory language that is used in some American media against immigrants.

The League will be an open civil society who want to participate on a voluntary basis to open spaces means, build responses or face the aggressors of immigrants.

Chambers explained that seeks to bring together personalities for immigrants with a perfect command of English to respond to racist attacks such as those made by the TV presenter Lou Dobbs.

The intent is to document actual figures with the valuable contribution of immigrants to the aggrandizement of this country and go out and disseminate between the Anglo-Saxon community,” he said.

The proposal arose from the appeal made by the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, the Mexican consulates to defend these attacks on immigrants, said for his part Pedroza.

“We recognize that we can do more because we are here inside, now only lack organize and define a strategy,” he added.

Pedroza said to be invited to the prestigious Latino entrepreneurs to participate in this League and will be extended to Hispanic professionals from all areas, who are people with successful profile.

Defamation is that the immigrant is out of ignorance, therefore documented information and presented by people with credibility we are going to fight it, in turn insisted Morfin.

“It will be a coordinated response using the same means that racists exploit to spread their venom,” he added.