Posted on November 30, 2007

White Supremacist Conference to Be Held in DC Area In February!

NY Protest Calendar, November 28, 2007

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 00:48:16 -0500


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Subject: [SDS NYC] White Supremacis to Conferencet Be Held in DC Area In February!

In 2008, neo-nazis and racist bigots will be planning more racist terror at the American Renaissance Conference. On Feb 22-24, prominent white supremacists from the US and across the world will gather at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel to vent their hatred and spew their racist venom towards communities of color.

The conference organizers call for a white supremacist society and political order. American Renaissance (AmRen) editor Jared Taylor even states: “If whites permit themselves to be displaced, it is not just the high culture of the West that could disappear but such things as representative government, rule of law and freedom of speech, which whites usually get right and everyone else usually gets wrong.”

American Renaissance is a monthly magazine promoting an agenda of white supremacy through eugenics, faux science, and what they call “race realism.” In attempts to appeal to the middle and educated classes of white America, AmRen seeks to establish scientific “truths”, such as eugenics by creating non-existent links between race and IQ, and race and the predisposition to “negative social behaviors”. AmRen advances the racist beliefs of “Racial differences in IQ, the costs of ‘diversity,’ the challenges of non-white immigration.” One quick glance at their website reveals articles with titles like: “A Defense of White Racial Consciousness”; “The Biological Realities of Race”; “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America”; and “The Color of Crime.”

However, it is not just the racist cosmopolitan that AmRen appeals to. Editor Jared Taylor and his cohorts have been known to schmooze with current, and former, members of the Klan (David Duke); Don Black, the operator of a “prominent” white supremacist website; Michael Regan, NY state prosecutor fired after attending the 2006 AmRen conference; and members of the neo-fascist British National Party. We can expect all of them and more to attend their gathering in February.

Resistance and Solidarity, a DC-based collective opposing racism, fascism and the cruelties perpetrated by the capitalist system, is calling on Mid-Atlantic anti-fascists to join us, Saturday February 23 at 9am for a day full of actions (in many forms) to protest the racist hate spouted by the AmRen National Conference. In the spirit of the anti-fascists that came before us, let’s shut these racists down by any means necessary.

But before we shut them down, we need to organize!

Join us at an initial planning meeting at the Petworth Library in Washington, DC (Kansas Avenue NW and Georgia Avenue NW) on Saturday, December 1 at 2pm to gather groups from across the mid-Atlantic to counter the racist bigots coming to the DC Metro area. Agenda items include, but are not limited to: logistics, lead-up actions, protest details, media and legal work. Resistance and Solidarity respects diversity of tactics and recognizes the need for all types of actions, will not engage in philosophical or ideological discussions at the planning meeting. All who share this view, and a commitment to anti-racism are welcome, and encouraged, to attend.