Posted on November 14, 2007

Ex-Shelter Worker Gets Probation for Dog Sex

AP, November 13, 2007


Gustavo Castanon also will get surprise visits from probation officers at his home to ensure there are no animals there, said Denver District Judge Robert B. Crew Jr.

{snip} Castanon has no pets, but his partner does, so Castanon cannot live at that house if the pets stay there.

Castanon will remain in the Denver County Jail for another 10 days on an immigration hold. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials don’t pick him up by then, he will be released and begin his probation, Crew said.

Castanon was dismissed as a volunteer at Denver’s Municipal Animal Shelter after being spotted in late September by an employee behind the building with the dog. Castanon was half-naked and coaxing the dog to perform oral sex, the police report said.



The 33-year-old man married the sari-draped dog at a temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on Sunday after an astrologer said it was the only way to cure himself of a disability, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported.

P. Selvakumar told the paper that he had been suffering since he stoned two dogs to death and strung them up in a tree 15 years ago.


Family members chose a stray female dog named Selvi who was then bathed and clothed for the ceremony.

The groom and his family then had a feast, while the dog got a bun, the paper said.