Posted on October 17, 2007

41 Arrested In Massive Identity-Theft Sting

WNBC-TV (New York), October 17, 2007

Forty-one people were arrested on charges they sold fake social security cards, driver’s licenses and other documents often used in identity-theft scams. Some of those arrested are gang members, police said.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown displayed hundreds of fake documents as well as the computers used to make them at his morning press conference.


Police said some gang members in Jackson Heights helped produce and sell the fake cards at $50 each. Police said money raised was used to support other gang activities.

Prosecutors said the document rings consist of a boss, a cutter, runners and street sellers. Sellers get photos and information from customers and pass it on to runners who go to “the mill” to have the needed fake document made.

Among those charged, Edgar Cardenas of 95th Street in Queens. Prosecutors said he headed one of the major rings.

Other high-ranking suspects named include Lauro Benitez, Geraldo Lima and Miguel Ramirez Rivera.