Posted on September 12, 2007

We’re Losing A War We Don’t Even Know We’re In

Walter Moore,, September 8, 2007

War has changed through history:

•At one point, soldiers in brightly-colored uniforms conveniently lined up in rows on battlefields like two opposing football teams, facing one another.

•World War II brought the bombing of cities.

•9/11 showed nation-states aren’t the only groups that can wage war.

One reason nations lose wars is that they prepare for the last war, not the next war. When the German tanks rolled into Poland in 1939, the Polish army bravely tried to defend their territory—on horseback.

The United States is perfectly prepared to fight the last war: if any enemy tried to drive tanks across our borders, fly bombers into our airspace, or sail warships into our harbors, we would easily prevail.

Unfortunately, we are in a new kind war that most of us don’t even know is underway. It is the most innovative and successful war ever waged in history. And we’re losing it, badly.

I’m not talking about the war with Islamic terrorists.

I’m talking about the war with Mexico.

On September 3, 2007, Mexico’s President stated, “I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.”

Mexico’s strategy is brilliant. Mexico is effectively taking control of our territory simply by having its citizens walk across our undefended border. Their only “weapon” is shoes. You still think the Maginot Line was dumb? At least the French tried to keep out foreign invaders, and at least the Germans had to go around it.

Although certain gangs of illegal aliens have used violence to engage in “ethnic cleansing” in certain L.A. neighborhoods—a la Croatia and Darfur—Mexico’s war against us is for the most part non-violent, waged with nothing more than money and words.

Our vulnerability isn’t military. Rather, our Achilles’ Heel is “political correctness.” As a nation, we’d rather silently endure the invasion than subject ourselves to the embarrassment of being called “racist.” Can you think of any other nation in history that would be so easily defeated? Defeated by name-calling? Criminy!

Mexico’s word-weapon is more effective than any neutron bomb. Remember the neutron bomb? That was the so-called “capitalist” bomb that would kill people through radiation but leave buildings intact. Well, Mexico is taking over without destroying buildings or injuring people.

Indeed, Mexico has effectively managed to get U.S. citizens to “pay tribute” voluntarily. Heck, the ancient Romans at least had to post armies in conquered lands to force locals to render unto Caesar. By contrast, Americans are taxing themselves to pay for education, health care and other services for a huge portion of Mexico’s population—those who have simply walked into our cities, most notably Los Angeles, the “ground zero” of Mexico’s attack. For example:

•Forty-one percent of the children in the Los Angeles School District are “English Learners,” which basically amounts to a euphemism for “Mexican children.” The LAUSD’s budget, by the way, is $6.2 billion per year.

•In 2003, Los Angeles County estimated that it spent $350 million per year providing health care to illegal aliens.

•Rather than insisting that Mexicans in this country learn English, or even pay for their own interpreters, Los Angeles County uses taxpayers’ money to pay hundreds of interpreters for court proceedings. The interpreters are now on strike because the County “only” offered them $73,000 a year in salary.

Speaking of language, that’s another sign of how successful Mexico’s war on the United States has been. If you live in L.A., take a short drive in your car—with the radio on—and you will see and hear how far gone this city is. If you’ve lived here for a while, you see the trend in signage: we’ve gone from English-only signs, to bilingual with Spanish subtitles, to bilingual with English subtitles, and now we have many signs in Spanish only.

Mexico has, moreover, successfully co-opted our local government and media. Collaborators abound, and are ready, willing and able to accommodate Mexico’s unarmed army—our own version of Vichy France. Examples include:

•The City of L.A.’s “Special Order 40” actually prohibits police from investigating violations of our immigration laws. The City recently added a new twist, “Special Order 40 On Wheels,” to prevent police from impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers—which of course in most cases means illegal aliens.

•L.A.’s City Council voted to require city agencies, as well as hotels and motels, to accept Matricula Consular cards as valid ID. Now, who would need to rely on such a card, do you suppose, as opposed to a driver’s license or even a valid foreign passport?

•The Tribune Company, which owns The Los Angeles Times, also owns a Spanish-language newspaper called Hoy, and runs many of the two papers’ operations jointly. Talk about conflict of interest! How many ads do you think they’d sell in Hoy if the Mexicans here illegally returned to Mexico? Don’t expect to read an editorial favoring enforcement of our immigration laws—ever. And don’t expect any coverage, much less favorable coverage, of any candidate for local office who urges enforcement of our immigration laws.

•NBC Universal owns both NBC and the Spanish-language Telemundo network. Same story as with the Los Angeles Times: as Mexico’s invasion goes, so go the profits from the Spanish-language division. Conquest is good for business.

•The Mayor of L.A., America’s second-largest city, Antonio Villaraigosa, openly sides with illegal aliens rather than with the American citizens he is supposed to represent. He has declared “there are no illegal people”—then again, he never did manage to pass the bar exam. And when you call the City’s 3-1-1 line, not only must you endure his unnecessary bilingual greeting, you must also “press one to continue in English.”

Mexico’s invading army greatly outnumbers our own U.S. Army—as well as our Marines, Air Force, Navy and National Guard. Estimates of the number of illegal aliens range between 12 and 20 million. In 2003, we had “only” 2.7 million men and women in active duty and reserve units in all of our armed forces, all over the world. Our troops are thus outnumbered by at least 4.4-to-1, and our troops are scattered all over the globe, protecting everyone but ourselves from foreign invasion.

Mexico’s invading army, moreover, sends much of the money it earns here back to the mother country. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas estimated that Mexican workers sent back about $20 billion in 2005 alone.

So the bad news is we’re losing this war, and losing it big-time.

The good news is we can win it, non-violently, by finding our backbone, enforcing our laws, and electing better people to public office.

Let’s start by replacing L.A.’s Mayor Villaraigosa with me, Walter Moore. You can make that happen, without firing a shot, by contributing to my campaign at