Posted on September 21, 2007

Brown County Board Passes Immigration Ordinance

Chris Duffy, WBAY-TV (Green Bay, Wis.), September 20, 2007

The Brown County Board passed a controversial immigration ordinance Wednesday night. The council voted 21-4 in favor of an ordinance giving the county authority to revoke licenses of Brown County businesses that hire illegal immigrants.


“I really feel that we have to get the attention of federal government and the state government, and by passing this I think it’s going to raise a few eyebrows, and hopefully we’ll get some attention,” county supervisor Bernie Erickson said.

Hours before the county leaders cast their votes on the proposal, two county supervisors, Adam Warpinski and Patty Hoeft, held a listening session to get input from the general public.

Residents with different points of view made passionate attempts to sway the county leaders one way or another.

“Any way you cut it, illegal immigration is a crime. I think a lot of them come here to take advantage of our system,” said Wayne Federspiel, who supports the ordinance.