Posted on September 14, 2007

Britain Demands More Muslims

James Lewis, American, September 9, 2007

The new Foreign Minister of Britain is either a brilliant liar or a fool. The trouble is, even he may not know which it is.

David Milliband, a rising politician in British Labour (the socialist party of Britain), has demanded Turkish entry into the European Union. Turkish entry means free and unbounded immigration rights for 70 million Turkish Muslims into any EU member country. Since income per capita for Turkey is less than $10,000, the incentive for an enormous wave of Muslim migration will be unstoppable. It is civilizational suicide for Europe.

For that reason millions of Europeans are having second thoughts about Turkish membership in the EU. Even Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, only wants “associate membership” for Turkey. Turkey just elected a radical Muslim as President, who has spent time in jail for Islamist political agitation. Abdullah Gul simply tells the world that there is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim” as far as he is concerned: There is only one true Islam—and you know what that means for the infidels of this world.


Saner voices are calling for a public referendum on the EU Constitution, which threatens to sink British sovereignty and even the free EU market—-—the only accomplishment of European integration that has actually worked. European voters twice defeated the power-sucking Constitution before—-—but it has now raised its head again in the disguise of a “treaty.” It’s a typical EU fraud, and the single most amazing thing about Britain today is that voters just don’t care. It is unclear whether they are beaten down, or bought off, or propagandized by daily BBC assaults, or are confused, or are just in the habit of obeying government authority. The passivity of ordinary people in the face of clear and present danger is the biggest puzzle in Europe today.

If Prime Minister Brown is forced to call a referendum on the EU Constitution, there’s a good chance that Brit voters will bring it down. They haven’t had a chance to exercise a voice on it before. They probably don’t like it.


If Europe runs into a deadly crisis of its own making, you can be sure of one thing: The elites will never, ever blame themselves. The only question is who will become the scapegoat.

Britain needs a Churchill today, but all it has is Neville Chamberlains.