Posted on August 28, 2007

Letter: Gang Making Threats Against Officers

WFSB-TV (Rocky Hill, Connecticut), August 27, 2007

A group of unidentified Hartford Police officers have sent a letter to the chief, assistant chief and deputy chiefs, alleging that they have been threatened by a city gang.


In a letter to the chiefs, the officers wrote that , “South officers have been blatantly threatened by the Los Solidos street gang.”

The officers said that the gang members, beginning in three months, “will blow up squad cars” and “shoot an officer who approaches them.”

The officers said gang members are in the process of obtaining bulletproof vests.

The Los Solidos, or the Solids, are a mostly Hispanic gang, organized to deal drugs. Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Jamie Roth reported that the gang was especially dangerous during the 1990s.

Roth reported that the Solidos is re-emerging in the same neighborhoods that it terrorized during the 90s: the corners of Franklin and Shultas and Park and Zion. Police said officers are being shot at mostly at the intersection of Park and Zion streets.