Posted on August 15, 2007

Former DMV Employee Faces Federal Charges For Fake Licenses

AP, August 15, 2007

A former Division of Motor Vehicles employee faces federal charges for distributing fake driver’s licenses produced on the job.

Gee Annette Holloman, 48, of High Point, was charged along with her boyfriend, illegal immigrant Timoteo Torres-Ulloa, and Cornelio Portuguez Alvarez, a federal indictment said. The three worked to produce fake licenses sold to undercover officers in March, according to the indictment handed down at the end of July. Holloman was arrested Friday.


Holloman worked as a driver’s license examiner from November 2003 until March of this year, finishing her time at the agency’s Winston-Salem office. She and Torres-Ulloa were arrested on state charges in March.

Torres-Ulloa was illegally in the United States and had been deported after a 1999 DWI conviction in Montana, according to the indictment.