Posted on July 20, 2007

Legal Wrangle Continues Over Shambo

icWales, July 20, 2007

The legal wrangle over the future of holy bull Shambo continues with a Court of Appeal hearing today.

Monks from the Skanda Vale community in west Wales were delighted earlier this week when a judge ruled that the Welsh Assembly Government’s decision to slaughter Shambo was unlawful.

The six-year-old Friesian bull, which the monks believe is sacred, tested positive for exposure to bovine tuberculosis at the beginning of May, prompting the slaughter order.

A high-profile campaign was launched by the monks and thousands of fans signed an online petition and saw the bull via his webcam, nicknamed Moo Tube. The bull itself has been living in isolation at the temple in Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire.

The multi-faith community sought a judicial review, and a High Court hearing was held at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre a week ago.

On Monday, Judge Gary Hickinbottom quashed the order to slaughter the bull and an appeal was launched by the Welsh Assembly Government almost immediately.

Brother Alex, of the Skanda Vale Community, has said he believes the appeal will fail and that Shambo will not be killed.

He said: “I am confident he will be saved. The Government don’t have the authority to desecrate our temple.”

In response, a Welsh Assembly Government spokesman said they were “disappointed” with the judge’s decision and added: “There are serious public and animal health issues in this case that need to be resolved urgently.”

Lord Justices Pill, Thomas and Lloyd are to hear today’s appeal, which is listed to last all day.