Posted on July 26, 2007

In Science, Rural Kids Strongest

Nancy Zuckerbrod, AP, July 26, 2007

Rural students perform better in science than their urban counterparts, and rural teachers generally are happy with their schools, a federal study finds.


When it comes to achievement, the report released Wednesday finds science is a strong subject for rural students. That could be because kids get their education in real-world settings as well as classrooms, said Marty Strange, policy director of the Rural School and Community Trust, an advocacy group.

The report found:

* At all grade levels, rural students did better on national science tests than children in cities and performed about the same as suburban students.

* In math, rural kids did better than urban students at every grade level.

* Rural fourth- and eighth-graders read better than their urban peers. In high school, rural kids read about as well as kids in cities.


Rural schools tend to be smaller and have lower student-teacher ratios, which might explain why teachers say conditions are good there, Strange said.