Posted on July 25, 2007

Border Wall Construction To Begin This Fall

KGBT-TV (Harlingen, Texas), July 24, 2007

A disputed border fence is coming to the valley. Now a top Washington official says the wall is set for construction this fall. It’s a controversial topic frequently discussed in the valley.


US homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff confirms construction will begin this fall. “We’re entering a period where we do have to be concerned about a heightened risk.”


Others say it will affect the environment and some endangered animals that live along the river.


[Supporters] say it’s important to stop the illegal crossing of undocumented immigrants. Chris Simcox, Minutemen National President said, “If you’re coming across our border illegally, that’s a threat to our national security and public safety.”

Here in the valley, thousands of immigrants swim across the Rio Grande. “Then they walk through isolated pathways like these in Granjeno for several hundred feet until reaching and area where they can be picked up.” But with the border wall, immigrants won’t make it very far. That’s because the border wall is designed to be built along parts of the Texas Mexico border and that includes 176 miles from Laredo to Brownsville.

Chertoff says it’s getting built and he won’t give local communities any chance to veto it. But he does pledge to consult with them on the design of the fence.

The fall season begins September 23rd. But when exactly construction will begin is yet to be determined.


In fact, the estimated cost for the wall is more than $60 million dollars.

The official cost, however has not yet been revealed on this project.