Posted on June 8, 2007

Whites Protest Against ‘Racism’

SAPA, June 7, 2007

About 70 council house tenants have protested in Pretoria’s Church Square against what they said was a plan to evict them on racial grounds.

The protest followed claims that the Tshwane Metropolitan Council’s portfolio committee for corporate services planned to evict underprivileged white families from council rental homes in Wolmer and make the places available for black residents only.

About 180 white residents live in the area.

The protesters built a shack out of corrugated iron to demonstrate their anger about the proposed evictions.

Some who sat inside the shack held placards that read “Am I too white to get a home?”

They were also chanting “Ons is arm, maar ons het regte,” (We are poor, but we have rights).”