Posted on April 26, 2007

Woman Wearing Burqa Denied Bus Trip In Sweden

Independent OnLine (Capetown), April 25, 2007

A burqa-clad woman in Sweden was refused passage on a city bus in the town of Malmoe, allegedly because the driver said he could not identify the woman, media reported on Wednesday.

“I have never had to identify myself on a public bus before. Wearing a burqa is my personal choice and it doesn’t make me more threatening than anyone else,” the woman, whose name was not disclosed, told Swedish free daily Metro.


The woman boarded the bus despite the driver’s attempt to refuse her access, but said she still had to endure mockery from him. She has reported the incident to police.

The bus driver’s “version of events is not the same as the woman’s,” a spokesperson for the bus company Arriva, Daniel Stjernfeldt, told AFP, adding that the driver had been suspended pending an investigation.