Posted on March 26, 2007

Brussels Government Bans Headscarf

Expatica, March 26, 20007

The government of the Brussels region has now followed the example of Antwerp and prohibited municipal office staff from wearing religious symbols while at work.

“All staff members are committed to observe the equal treatment of citizens under all circumstances of public service.”

This is what is literally contained in the new work regulations for employees of the Brussels-Capital Region. This means that officials in service of the Brussels-Capital Region may not wear a headscarf while working. The ban applies for both front and back office positions. The new rule is the strictest introduced in any of the regional governments.

“We don’t expect this new rule to cause any problems,” says Dirk De Bakker, spokesperson for state secretary for Equal Opportunity Brigitte Grouwels (Flemish Christian democrats CD&V). “We made inquiries among the personnel and it turns out that none of them wear a headscarf.”