Posted on March 1, 2007

A Kinder, Gentler Racism

John F. Sugg,, Feb. 28, 2007


But technology has transformed racial politics just as it has the rest of our culture. Today Dickson’s soapbox is no longer confined to small rooms where he addresses handfuls of fellow travelers. His message is amplified and shoots around the planet at light speed, thanks to, the online bulletin board whose booming growth delights white nationalists and causes anguish among their enemies.

Joining Dickson as an online personality on Stormfront are a marquee array of other white nationalist luminaries: founder Don Black; day-to-day manager Jamie Kelso; America’s best-known race polemicist, David Duke; former Reagan administration official Bob Whitaker; and Jared Taylor, a Yale-educated, self-declared “racial realist” who publishes the American Renaissance magazine.

Those men, all in their 50s or older, have the credibility of laboring long years in a movement that seldom elicits kind treatment from the media, much less polite discourse in mainstream culture.


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