Posted on January 3, 2007

Zimbabwe Leader Agrees To Interview With Western Media

Reshmi Nair, News 1130 (Canada), Jan. 1, 2007

A politician who is internationally condemned for destroying his country has agreed to his first Western media interview in years. Zimbabweans describe life as being ‘tough’ with an 80 per cent unemployment rate, the spread of AIDS, and a currency not even worth printing.

Jonathan Roth asked Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe whether he was afraid of retirement, since the International Criminal Court may go after him. Mugabe says that just observing the situation that he probably wants to die in office because that’s the only real way to guarantee immunity from the ICC.

Roth says Mugabe uses US President George Bush and the war in Iraq to justify his actions. Mugabe said, “If the West is telling me that I’m guilty of human rights violations, well who are they to say anything. Because you know if anybody’s guilty of human rights violations, it’s them.”

Roth’s interview airs January 8th on Omni TV’s The Standard.