Posted on January 26, 2007

What Happened To Jared Taylor

One People’s Project, Jan. 21, 2007

While we are on the subject on how Canadian Antifa is cleaning house, we should also provide you with the report back from someone who was at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You know, the hotel that American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor was slated to speak. We don’t know the person who wrote this so don’t ask us, but the account is legit. Taylor posted the speech he was going to give on his website and in it he provides one of the dumbest spins on the fight against racism we have ever seen, suggesting that with all the institutions that are fighting racism, that is an indication that diversity is not popular. Take a look at who confronted you, Jared. Those were predominately white people in your face. In the end, the fight against racism is not because we are losing, but because we are winning and the rapidly dying out old guard can’t take it. How do we know that what Taylor’s fight against diversity is a lost cause? Because the loudest voice for his position against diversity is a dark-skinned Filipino woman with a Jewish husband and two bi-racial children living in Germantown, MD, and even she comes across more as a sensationalist! Where are the rest of us? In Taylor’s face telling him to go to hell.


Writing to you from Halifax. Got a call today that Jared Taylor of American Renaissance fame was going to speak at the Lord Nelson hotel, after having his appearance @ Dalhousie U. abruptly canceled. I rolled up at the meeting point at about 6:30pm to find about 30 people from a broad range of groups masked up and ready to go. The black-block kids were in control and had the group in consensus on what was going to happen.

People had done their recon so we were able to run right up into the meeting hall without any problem. The hotel was clearly not prepared for us and there were no cops on site.

I was expecting *some* sort of fash presence but it was just Taylor, about a dozen reporters and media types, and us! I started things off by confiscating all of Taylor’s pathetic little American Renaissance newsletters, which Taylor got in a bit of tug-of-war with me to get back and then revealed who he was. That got the crowd yelling, chanting, shouting him down and disrupting stuff.

This went on for about 20 minutes. Everytime Taylor tried to say something, he’d either get shouted down by this really righteously angry Native woman and/or by the whole crowd.

After a while, people made their move. About half a dozen masked up folks surrounded him while two or three others made American Renaissance confetti and the rest of the people stacked the chairs and put them away. Then, in a brilliant black block tactic and with media cameras running, the surrounders kind of linked up shoulder to shoulder and literally pushed Taylor out of the meeting room, by just walking forward. It was a far cry from “righteous violence,” but it got the job done!

When he was forced out of the room, the lights were turned out and we declared the meeting over before it had begun. About that time the cops rolled up and we rolled out without taking any arrests (since no laws had been broken — hotel security and even the cops were really on their best behaviour with us).

The only downside is that as we were being pushed out by the cops, Taylor was having a little media scrum. A few of us managed to yell some shiznit at him on our way out, though.

So all in all, top-notch action! The meeting was shut down in short order and Taylor wasted hundreds of his own dollars on it. If any fash showed up, they didn’t get in the room and were probably scared away by the raucousness. Seriously folks, it was one of the tightest actions I’ve ever seen!