Posted on January 11, 2007

America to Blame for Illegal Aliens Turning to Crime, Latino Advocate Says

Fox News, Jan. 10, 2007

Americans are to blame for some illegal immigrants becoming serial crooks because “they’re picking up those bad habits of cheating, of drinking and drugs,” according to an official of a prominent Latino advocacy organization.

Jesse Diaz of the League of United Latin American Citizens made the claim on Monday during an interview on Dallas talk radio station KRLD, and then repeated them on Tuesday to WFAA-TV.

Diaz was discussing a federal study of 100 illegal immigrants with arrest records. The study found they had each been arrested and released six times on average.

When questioned about how living in America is responsible for them becoming serial lawbreakers, Diaz stood by his remarks, arguing that conservative Catholic values learned in Mexico start to break down once immigrants are in the U.S.

Diaz pointed to an increase in teen pregnancies and broken homes in the immigrant community and also blasted the wearing of baggy pants.

Diaz’s remarks caused shock in the Dallas area, immediately lighting up KRLD phone lines.

“My mouth just flew open,” said one listener upon hearing the comment.

KRLD DJ Jay McFarland questioned the accuracy of Diaz’s claim.

“If you have to break the laws to get here initially, what respect are you going to have for our laws,” he said.

Diaz claimed the study of 100 illegal aliens with criminal records was flawed, which prompted him to speak out.

“It teaches them to hate immigrants, and the majority of these immigrants are good people,” Diaz said.