Posted on December 18, 2006

Whose House Is It, Anyway?

Barbara Simpson, World Net Daily, Dec. 18, 2006

They’re like the dinner guest who shows up with several friends who eat all the food, drink all the booze, snarf up the desserts, dominate the conversation, get loud and louder and n-e-v-e-r go home.

In fact, they move in and act as though they deserve the new digs and everyone else should just chill.


They emigrate for a variety of reasons — the least of which these days seems to be that they want to become citizens of the host country and become part of that culture — and in the process, assume their every demand should be met.

You see it everywhere, and like it or not, the situation is most obvious with two groups, Hispanics who demand their language take precedence over the native tongue, and among Muslims who demand in subtle or not so subtle ways that the culture and customs of the host country be modified, changed or eliminated in favor of their desires.

On the face of it, their arrogance takes your breath away, but it’s even more startling when the demands come from people who are in the country illegally. Americans face an inundation of illegal aliens from south of the border, but such illegality isn’t unique to the United States. Waves of illegals cross the borders of every country of Western Europe.


To those people, mostly politically liberal and essentially Marxist at the core, the rights of the illegals take precedence over everything. In fact, the very nature of their illegal status confers on them as pseudo-sainthood. They are “pure” in their intention, they represent “the poor of the earth” and as a result, they’re virtually untouchable and regarded with a bizarre reverence.

No criticism is allowed. Whatever they want or need must be theirs. No questions. No complaints. Anyone who questions or complains is hit with the all-purpose accusation: racist. It is the epitome of denigration and no defense is tolerated. If you complain, regardless of the validity of your issues, you are, de facto, a racist.

In this realm, there is no free speech.


The cost to the bureaucracy and the private sector to provide bilingual voting material, government paperwork, signs, translators, advertising, packaging, bilingual telephone messages, and all kinds of instructions and staff is astronomical. Their language must be provided everywhere — hospitals, schools, government services, banks, media — you name it.

While the demands of the illegals are apparent, the costs are hidden in the pretense they don’t exist. That allows the farce that these people are no burden to the country or the economy nor a threat to the culture to continue.


The result is that there’s not a strong enough belief in the worthiness of the host country, resulting in the willingness to change customs, laws and society in general in the perverted desire to be “welcomed” by the strangers.


Another group challenging the cultures of their host countries are Muslims, and that applies whether they immigrate legally or illegally. They are strong in their culture, determined not to change to accommodate the mores of their hosts and they use the laws of the host country to gain their demands.

Anyone who complains is automatically a racist and is accused of discrimination.

And by the way, if you don’t agree, they’ll sue — for a public, groveling apology and of course, a financial payoff.


A British Airways employee in England was threatened with firing because she wore a small gold cross on a thin necklace. The company claimed that “seeing” the cross would offend non-Christians, yet Muslim employees were allowed to wear their veils.

In Croydon, London, Muslim demands resulted in separate hours for male Muslims swimming at a public pool. Muslim swimsuits must be worn by both Muslim and non-Muslim men. Muslim women have separate hours and similar attire rules.

Similarly, in Lincoln Park, Mich., Muslim women demanded that the Fitness USA provide separate workout times for males and females or a divider between male and female gyms. Also, the dress code was modified to accommodate Muslim women.


We’ve lost sight of the idea that people who immigrate to this country and settle here have to adopt and adapt to our customs. If they want the old country, then that’s where they should be.

The British and the Australians are gathering the courage to say that. So should we.