Posted on December 19, 2006

The Chilling Reason Why This Man Was Stabbed To Death On The Street

Alison Gendar, Oren Yaniv and Bill Hutchinson, New York Daily News, Dec. 17, 2006

They stumbled out of a Queens bar, intent on finding someone to kill.

The four men wanted to join the notorious Surenos prison gang and had decided to kill someone to meet the gang’s initiation rites.

Filled with alcohol and rage, they sprung upon a group of complete strangers walking along Roosevelt Ave. in Corona, cops say. When it was over, Jorge Vasquez was dead.


Jorge Vasquez, 27, a Mexican immigrant who moved to New York about four years ago, had just finished working his shift as a dishwasher at a Manhattan restaurant. He was heading to a bar early on Dec. 6 when he was attacked at random and killed.

The suspects, all restaurant workers, said they got the idea to kill a stranger after reading on the Internet about the initiation rites of the Surenos, a California prison gang, a law enforcement source said.

The men said they wanted a slaying under their belts so they could join the gang, which has members across the nation, if they were ever sent to prison, the source said.


The suspects — Felix Ceca, 23; Victor Gonzalez, 21; Luis Romero, 24, and Gregorio Ocult, 19 — were caught barely a block away from the fatal stabbing. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said the suspects acted with a “wolf-pack mentality.”

The suspects apparently plotted the attack while drinking at the Tulcingo Cafe on Roosevelt Ave. After the bar closed at 4 a.m., they began “chasing down and randomly assaulting anyone who got in their way,” Brown said.


They were charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon. If convicted of the most serious charges, they each face 75 years to life in prison.