Posted on December 18, 2006

Racial Tensions Spill Onto Streets

Gretchen Losi, Victorville (California) Daily Press, Dec. 15, 2006

Racially motivated violence between black and Hispanic students at Silverado High School is overflowing from the campus onto the neighboring streets. Principal Tracy Marsh said that although there’s been a decrease of major issues on the campus this year, the conflicts are alive and well — and finding their way to the streets after school. {snip} “My heart goes out to the residents there. I’m sure it’s not something they thought about when they bought their house.” The problem is racial and stems from a small group of about 75 students, Marsh said {snip}

Jason Dougherty, a Cobalt Road resident, lives two blocks from the school. He said for about 45 minutes a day his neighborhood shifts from a quiet existence to a war zone.{snip} Cindi Jamison, also a Cobalt Road resident, said she has seen cars get keyed and spit on, lawns get trampled and figurines smashed. Her husband has broken up fights, stopped older students from trying to steal the bikes of younger students at neighboring schools and the couple have woken up to find graffiti on cement walls on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately, Marsh said, there’s not much school officials can do. Once the students are off campus, they are out of the school’s jurisdiction. He said when dealing with 3,600 students being let out of school at one time, there is no quick fix. {snip}