Posted on December 22, 2006

Pacifica Teens Victims Of Alleged ‘Hate Crime’ In San Francisco

Pacifica Tribune (Calif.) , Dec. 21, 2006

A group of four Pacifica teens were the victims of an act of violence in San Francisco Saturday as they walked to the Civic Center BART station after attending a “Rancid” concert at the Warfield at 9th and Market Streets.

A group of six African-American teens, who took a moment to first cover their faces, approached the four Pacifica teens, who happened to be Caucasian, and made a derogatory comment against white people. They attacked one Pacifica boy by punching him in the mouth. His tooth cut through his lip, causing it to bleed, and he fell to the ground. While he was on the ground, one of the attackers kicked him in the ribs. As his friends ran to his aid, they, too, were hit on the face. No one was robbed.

The group attacked others who were trying to make their way to the BART station after the concert. One concert-goer, who was not one of the Pacifica teens, reportedly lost several teeth. The victims said they did nothing to provoke the attacks.