Posted on December 15, 2006

6 Immigrant Sex Offenders Slated For Deportation

Shawn Cohen, Journal News (White Plains), Dec. 14, 2006

Authorities rounded up six illegal aliens this morning with plans to deport them because they were convicted of sex-related offenses.

Three of the men were convicted of sex crimes against 14-year-old girls, while the others victimized adults, including a disabled woman. Several of them are registered sex offenders.

The arrests were the latest in a series ordered by U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials. Since 2003, federal authorities, with help from the Westchester County Probation Department, have arrested nearly 100 immigrants in a program targeting sex offenders for deportation.

The men arrested today had already been found guilty and were re-arrested when they reported to the Probation Department in the county courthouse for what they thought would be routine visits.