Posted on November 29, 2006

Immigration Sparks White Exodus From UK

Rowan Philp, Sunday Times (South Africa), Nov. 26, 2006

White Britons, alarmed at immigration, are fleeing the capital and even the country in record numbers in a “white flight” that mirrors South Africa’s exodus.

And this week a controversial new book which seeks to explain their flight, encouraged young British-born families to leave in the face of unchecked immigration .

A report by Britain’s chief immigration think-tank, Migrationwatch, said more than 100000 British-born Londoners have left the UK capital this year as immigrants stream into the city.

Meanwhile, another report by private analysts predicts that the white exodus is set to accelerate further, and that London’s immigrant population will jump from 40% to 60% i n just 12 years.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the departing whites were being replaced by other ethnic minorities in their neighbourhoods, leading to a “very unfortunate” apartheid-style segregation of the capital.

The report said it was a potential disaster for integration and race relations in Britain. “The effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants.”

While white South Africans fled Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for either suburban security complexes or foreign shores in the mid-1990s, experts said whites in London and cities like Birmingham and Bradford were fleeing to rural “market towns” — and, increasingly, abroad.

In his seemingly xenophobic book, Time to Emigrate? George Walden, who was education minister under Margaret Thatcher, had no doubt about the cause. I mmigration had created “unacceptable” terrorist and crime risks, and had doomed British culture .

Walden told the Sunday Times: “I’m not saying all our national problems are due to immigration . . . but this is the greatest gamble this country has ever taken and it is totally unplanned.

“Already, we’re seeing the failure of the policy of multiculturalism, which — as Trevor Phillips, our race relations tsar has pointed out — has come down to separate development; in other words, apartheid. We have a dangerous mixture of people who do have colonial resentments; who have fundamentalist beliefs; and who have absolutely no desire to integrate.”

In his book he predicts London, in a decade, will be “a three-ring circus without the laughs” — including largely white inner and outer rings bristling with security, and a “multicultural ring” exclusively made up of “ethnic immigrants”.

“The rougher parts of the multicultural ring will be ghettoes of crime, poverty and racialism in reverse.”

The kid in the picture [SEE BELOW] doesn’t look very harmful, right? He’s reasonably well-dressed, anyway. But actually, he is quite a large fellow, and likes to assault random women with the help of an equally vile friend of his.

I’ve just spent hours with the police (after a nearly two hour wait to actually see a police officer), telling and re-telling every detail of what happened to me today, and I’m in no mood to blog it all. What I will say is this to my female readers: Don’t be fooled into thinking that, just because you’re minding your own business, some punk isn’t going to decide you need messing with. Sadly, scumbags like this have no problem with launching unprovoked attacks on women. If you dare to wear something as revealing as a pair of Levi’s and a long winter coat, you may not only be physically assaulted but have names like “slut” and “whore” screamed at you on a crowded Tube platform. About fifteen minutes of assault and abuse may pass before anyone watching this happen will say a word, or do anything to otherwise intervene.

Someone will at some point tell me that the best course of action in these cases is to take the unwanted touching and violence and not say a word, just walk away. It’s not really like me to let things slide, though, and I don’t think anyone else should. (I’m talking about confronting people who are probably unarmed; it didn’t actually occur to me to go to the police at all. Antoine told me to do so afterwards, when I rang him and was very shaken and pissed off.)

When I was coming up the escalator at Piccadilly Circus, just after my assailants had followed me down the platform and shouted the same filthy names at me, the man behind me asked, “Are you okay after all that?” He explained that he would have said something to these two, but didn’t want to make things worse for me.

I know I’ve banged this drum before, but the fact is that the police do not and logistically cannot protect us from this kind of harm. In this country, I am not even allowed to carry pepper spray or mace to ward off assaults like the one I suffered today. In whose world is this the right and proper order of things?

NB If you know who this POS is, please contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40. The assault took place on the southbound Bakerloo line platform at Baker Street, and the abuse continued from there to Piccadilly Circus.