Posted on October 11, 2006 Irks Zim

Corrinne Louw,, October 10, 2006

Durban — A website operating from Iceland that calls itself the Republic of Rhodesia has left the Zimbabwean embassy enraged.

A spokesperson for the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa, Regis Mutsau, was not impressed when informed of the site, called

“There is no such thing and there is no country that we know of that is the Republic of Rhodesia that has an ambassador,” he said.

The site explains that it is an educational and informational resource for the Republic of Rhodesia.

“Our aim is to put across a Rhodesian point of view on the achievements and history of Rhodesia,” it states.

It adds that “this embassy” recognises that there were inequalities in Rhodesia and that the country had been working to progressively remove them.

‘Site not commercial’

“We publish articles which are concerned with the current situation in Zimbabwe and general articles about developments and events in Africa, and other articles of a general nature.

We are not a commercial venture or pressure group, nor are we affiliated to any political grouping or party,” the site reads.

Rhodesia was created by British colonials from SA in 1890 and became Zimbabwe almost a century later.

The uprising that led to the downfall of Rhodesia was led by Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo and saw the end of white domination.

About 27 000 people were killed during the uprising and today the country is in political turmoil with Mugabe at the helm.

Torty King is a member of the Rhodesian Association of South Africa, based in Durban, which sets out to help ex-Rhodesians and Zimbabweans who find themselves in distress.

He says the association does not sanction the website.

“This was the first time we had heard of it. It is an interesting site to look at though.”