Posted on September 14, 2006

Woodbridge Killing Could Be A Hate Crime, September 13, 2006

Prince William County’s top law enforcement officials say Sunday night’s murder of an Hispanic immigrant may have been a hate crime.

Serafin Alvarez Negrete, originally from Mexico, was found shot to death on Route 1 in Woodbridge.

Today, police announced the arrest of two teenagers. Charged with murder and robbery are 17-year-old Carlito McToy and 18-year-old Georgino Napier. Both lived together in an apartment in Woodbridge.

Prince William County Police Chief Charlie Deane says Negrete may have been targeted because of his ethnicity. Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert says the crime may have been racially motivated. Ebert says the crime fits a pattern of Hispanic immigrants being targeted by criminals because “they are known to have cash”.

Chief Deane says this crime also fits another disturbing trend. According to Deane his officers have seen more street robberies this year than they have in “a number of years”.