Posted on August 10, 2006

Sports Program to Ease African-Indigenous Tensions

ABC News Online (Australia), Aug. 10, 2006

A Darwin-based sports centre says it is actively trying to bring young African and Indigenous people together using sport to help ease tensions in the northern suburbs.

The Majimap Choice Sports Centre in Karama says about 50 teenagers turned up to the opening of its Underground facility to take part in martial arts and boxing programs last week.

Members of the growing African community recently spoke out about racially motivated attacks, mainly involving groups of teenagers.

Director Mark Motlop says he decided on the venture after hearing reports of racially motivated attacks on African immigrants in recent weeks.

“People have suffered in the past, so why do it to others?” he said.

“It’s a time that we should be embracing and getting people to come to our community and, I know over the past few weeks where the African community is having all sorts of trouble, but this is just our way to try and bring harmony to the community.”