Posted on August 11, 2006

Dallas County’s Demographics Changing To More Latinos

AP, August 9, 2006

Richardson, Texas — The La Mejor (law may-HOR’) Bakery in Richardson is in a strip mall of salons, taco shops and grocery stores.

Inside, ranchera music plays for customers.

Edgardo Zamora’s bakery is part of a transformation that’s making Dallas and the county much different from the one depicted in the long-running T-V show: “Dallas.”

Census figures show as of July of 2005, Dallas County had 130-thousand fewer white residents than it did in 2000.

In the same period, Dallas County gained more than 175-thousand Hispanic residents.

State demographer Steve Murdock says the process of ethnic change is pretty much all over the country. But Murdock says Dallas is running at a pace ahead of last time.


Here’s more on the Census:

— Harris County saw its Hispanic population increase from one-point-one (M) million to one-point-four (M) million.

Meanwhile, its white population went from one and a-half (M) million in 2000 — to one-point-four (M) million in 2005.

— In contrast, the number of white residents in Bexar (BEAR) County grew by about 25-hundred between the same period. Latinos in the county also increased their population by more than 105-housand.

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