Posted on July 26, 2006

Yet Another First for Grantham

BNP, July 26, 2006

The sleepy Lincolnshire town of Grantham has had its first “Equality day”.

A report in the local Grantham Journal — headlined

“Equality day brings town’s nations together”

said it was:

“A celebration of culture and equality . . . for organisations which help migrant workers adjust to life in Britain”.

Whether or not the “town’s nations” really want to be brought together wasn’t discussed but the Journal reported that ninety organisations were represented including members of the race relations/diversity industry, an Iraqi Kurd guest speaker, “gay” and lesbian groups — even though impressionable school children were present — “travellers” [gypsies? Ed] and people from the Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Afro-Caribbean “communities”.

Pupils from nearby schools played music and performed a mime for guests.


In an even more sinister turn, there were a number of police officers there as guests . . . one PC was quoted as saying “Looking at the problems there were in Boston a few years ago we wanted to pre-empt anything that may happen here. We want to dispel the myths surrounding migrant workers”.

Do those “myths” include the impact of migrant workers on local affordable housing availability, job vacancies, wage levels, social services, health services, education and social cohesion, one wonders?

Racially Homogeneous

Apart from a few hospital and ethnic restaurant workers, Grantham has, until quite recently, been racially homogeneous.

The fact that such an “Equality Day” was thought necessary is an indication that towns like Grantham will soon become much more “diverse”, with the usual problems that go with this process.

Already there has been trouble — after Portugal’s defeat of England in the recent World Cup competition there was a riot in Grantham centred around a Portuguese café in the town.

Increasingly “diverse” Lincoln and Boston has had similar problems in the past.

See an earlier entry in my diary.

They are preparing the ground for this change — aided and abetted by the Grantham Journal.

A Letter

One local resident was so alarmed that he wrote to the Journal in an attempt to raise a few issues which may well be in the minds of others, but who are not prepared to stick their necks out.

The editor refused to publish, the excuse being that “it would lead to the BNP getting involved with the topic” — and they didn’t want that.

The local person emailed me a copy of his letter and an account of a conversation with the Journal’s deputy editor Jenefer Muirhead.

“What’s wrong with the BNP?” he asked.

“erm..we know they monitor newspapers, to gain publicity. and they cover their faces when on TV” [perhaps a faulty recollection of Nick Griffin’s iconic image “Gagged from telling the truth”?].

Here is the letter:

July 18 2006

Dear Sir,

The recent Grantham Equality day (“Celebration of culture and equality” Grantham Journal July 7th) would seem to be something all decent and right thinking people should support. However, the topic has much more serious and deeper ramifications not just for the people of Grantham but of the UK as a whole. Record levels of immigration and asylum into the UK since 2000 are unprecedented and now being noticed even in a quiet county town like Grantham. Britain’s indigenous population has been undisturbed and homogeneous since the last big influx of foreigners — the Danes, essentially identical to the then existing population — in the eighth century, yet now we are expected not to notice the current influx and to ignore the demographic calculations which show that we are being replaced, possibly becoming an ethnic minority ourselves within the next 50 years.

Voices of unease with this situation are being silenced and race relations, equality and diversity advisers, even the police, are busy smoothing any ripples. Future social problems will not go a way by pretending they do not exist — unrest in many of our crowded cities this last few years has shown this. A local newspaper has a duty to its customers (readers) to explore such issues from all points of view.

Yours Etc

[Doc’s Diary withholds his full name and address which was on the original]

The sentence “Voices of unease with this situation are being silenced” was certainly true in the case of this letter!

It is quite disgraceful that a local newspaper treats its readers with such contempt that it will cover up such controversial, dangerous and unrequested change in the town’s population.

It is also a sign of just how worried the authorities and the race relations commissars are about their past misdeeds, that they can pressurise editors to such an extent that freedom of speech — essential for the continuation of democracy — can be so flouted.

Not the First Time in the Grantham Journal

This is not the first time the Grantham Journal has bowed to multiculturalism.

About six years ago, it proudly proclaimed in a big headline:

“A First for Grantham”

Apparently, a doctor at the local hospital who was also a Pakistani Muslim, booked a room at the local town hall for prayers!

Wow! — wonderful news according to the Grantham journal — another example of Opinion Forming.

Why was it not headlined:

“Muslim Threat to Grantham”?

Why not give the Grantham Journal a call on 01476 562291 and explain politely but firmly your views on these issues and their bias?

And finally . . .

Failed, for calling a Sergeant ‘him’

David Green, Director of the Civitas think tank had an article which must have titillated “right wing” Sunday Torygraph readers (July 23rd).

According to Mr Green, the Home office was set a target in 1999 to ensure that 25 per cent of its work force in London was from ethnic minorities by 2009. It exceeded the target by the halfway stage in 2004 and ethnic minorities now make up more than 38 per cent of head office workers.

An unwelcome, though revealing, side effect of this has been noticed in the promotion examinations where the pass rate for minority ethnic staff was “lower than for white staff”.

Oh dear oh dear! It must be due to those white “racists” — as usual!

One 19-year-old female candidate for the police service recently failed the interview for referring to the sergeant as “him”, thus revealing her lack of gender awareness — after saying, “I would go to my sergeant and ask him for help”.

Civitas have come up with some very good booklets and ideas, apart, that is, from promoting the idea of “Zero net immigration” — i.e. numbers entering the UK = numbers leaving.

Educated white people leaving to be replaced by poorly or uneducated foreigners cannot be desirable.

See David Green’s article here.