Posted on July 20, 2006

Alleged Stabber: Brushoff By Canadian Tourists Fueled Rampage, July 17, 2006

[See also ‘He came to New York to commit crimes’ – DA]

New York — A man accused of stabbing two Canadian women walking in Manhattan’s theater district told investigators he was angry because when he tried to talk to them, they snubbed him, according to a police report made public Monday during his arraignment.

“Yeah, those white girls. . . They don’t want to talk to anybody, so I went after them,” Kenny Alexis allegedly told investigators.


Alexis told investigators that he had arrived from Boston on June 12. The next afternoon, he was riding on a subway train in Harlem when he noticed another tourist looking at him and sensed “this male was out to get him,” the report said.

The defendant allegedly admitted pulling a knife from his pocket and stabbing Christopher McCarthy, 21, of Houston, before fleeing. About 12 hours later, he stabbed Ambrosio Castro, 30, of Brooklyn, on a Rockefeller Center subway platform because he “felt threatened” by him, the report said.

Alexis allegedly struck again a short time later after approaching Melanie Carrier, 22, and Audrey Perrier, 25, as they crossed Broadway at 47th Street. The defendant “was upset that they wouldn’t talk to him so he quickly followed behind them” and stabbed each in the back, the report said.

In February, the homeless drifter with a knife terrorized a woman in Dorchester, following her home, according to court records. At the Legal Sea Foods restaurant at Logan Airport the following month, he allegedly flew off the handle, cursing and breaking a glass. He then went to a nearby store, where his bizarre behavior left the clerk “shaken and nervous.”

The next day, an East Boston woman told police he attacked her car with a 4-foot pipe.

Kenny Alexis, whom New York authorities arrested early Wednesday in connection with four Manhattan stabbings in 13 hours, had been arrested three times for these threatening incidents in Boston , according to court records obtained by the Globe yesterday.

Alexis, 20, was released by the courts because the offenses were not serious enough to keep him off the streets. Twice when Alexis was arraigned, judges ordered him to be examined by mental health professionals, but each time he was found competent, said David Procopio, a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

He was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for 20 days for a mental health evaluation after the last incident, and psychiatrists declared him competent to stand trial. A judge let him go with a warning to take his medication.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, New Yorkers were terrorized by Alexis, who authorities say went on a rampage, stabbing four people, including a Texas tourist on a subway, and resurrecting fears of random violence in the city. Yesterday at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, he entered no plea. A prosecutor said Alexis admitted to the assaults.

“He came to New York to commit crimes,” said Assistant District Attorney Christopher Ryan.

The judge ordered that Alexis be kept in jail without bail and that he have a psychiatric exam.

Back in Boston yesterday, several people said they had encountered Alexis and were shaken by the experiences.

While his alleged criminal behavior in Boston had violent overtones, Alexis is not known to have assaulted anyone outside New York .

In February, Alexis was charged with trespassing after he jumped into a cab while holding a knife and followed the taxi’s female passenger onto her Dorchester porch, refusing to leave, according to court records.

A Dorchester District Court judge, who ordered a court psychiatrist to examine Alexis after that incident, said he had mental health issues and “needs to be watched closely.” He was held overnight, examined by a court psychiatrist, and released after the doctor deemed Alexis “limited but not mentally ill,” Procopio said.

On March 22, he was arrested after a hostess at Legal Sea Foods in Logan International Airport told Alexis she was still reviewing his job application for a kitchen position and he allegedly began to curse and flail his arms, knocking a glass to the floor, according to Jeannie Nunes , an employee who witnessed his outburst.


The next day Alexis was brought back to court and released. Procopio said the East Boston judge was not aware of the prior Dorchester case because of a record-keeping problem.

Later that day, Alexis was rearrested on a nearby East Boston street for allegedly striking a woman’s car with a 4-foot metal pipe. He was charged with malicious destruction of property, brought back into court, and ordered to undergo the evaluation at Bridgewater.