Posted on June 27, 2006

Choose Black America Applauds House Leadership for Choosing to Listen to Americans on Immigration

Choose Black America, June 23, 2006

Washington — Choose Black America, a national coalition of American blacks who support enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, commended the decision by the leadership of the House of Representatives to hold field hearings later this summer. While the White House and the Senate are backing legislation that would grant amnesty to more than 10 million illegal aliens and flood America’s labor market with millions more new foreign workers, opposition to the plan from all sectors of the U.S. population has been growing.

“It is a refreshing change to business-as-usual in Washington that the House of Representatives is prepared to go around the country and listen to the voices of the American people,” said Frank Morris, chairman of Choose Black America. “They’ve heard from the high priced lobbyist for cheap labor interests and from millions of illegal aliens who marched in the streets to demand that they be rewarded for having broken the law. Now members of Congress and the media will have a chance to hear directly from the American people about how mass illegal immigration is affecting their lives and what they want done.”

Choose Black America was formed because black citizens of America have been disproportionately harmed by mass illegal immigration and fear seeing their interests further decimated by the amnesty legislation that was approved by the Senate.

“We look forward to the field hearings that the House is planning to hold and we hope that they will come to black communities around the country so that they can hear the voices of black citizens,” said Morris. “As members of Congress come to the cities and even the small towns of America, it will be an opportunity for them to see how the failure of our government to enforce immigration laws is affecting people’s jobs, their children’s education and their ability to access health care and other essential services. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, the people who are harmed the most are America’s black citizens.”

Choose Black America supports the House’s emphasis on enforcing U.S. immigration laws, and opposes efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and create new guest worker programs. “Mass illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,” Morris observed. “There are real people who lose their jobs or the chance to earn a better living. There are real children who are stuck in schools that cannot educate because they are overwhelmed by the children of illegal aliens. All too often, those victims are black.”

“We hope and expect that when members of the House get out around the country they actually listen to what the American people have to say. The American people need to carefully consider the Senate amnesty provisions that would grant benefits to people who have broken multiple laws that are not afforded to law abiding citizens,” concluded Morris.