Posted on April 10, 2006

Boy Falsely Reports Racist Attack in Ansonia

WTNH (New Haven), Apr. 8, 2006

An Ansonia 12-year-old is in some trouble tonight after he claims he was abducted and assaulted by white men in robes.

The boy claimed that he was attacked because of the color of his skin.

Now, it turns out that Ansonia police have determined the boy’s story is a lie.


The mother told News Channel 8 her son was while walking home on 4th Street when he was picked up by several white males dressed in white robes and masks, and taken to Linette Park where his face was sprayed with a flammable liquid and the males ignited it.


The injuries to the child occurred when he was burned while playing with a flammable liquid at a friend’s house. He apparently made up the story to explain the injuries.