Posted on April 5, 2006

21st Century Paul Revere Ride

On May 29, 2006 twelve modern-day Paul Reveres will set out on bicycles from three western state capitols. By September 16 they will have visited 48 state capitols, ending in Washington, DC. Traveling some 4,500 miles each, they will spread the alarm of the attack, not of Redcoats, but rather the unarmed invasion of illegal aliens across America s southern border. The breach of security is vast and disturbing. How many of these invaders wish to cause America harm? No one knows, as America s current efforts still allow over a million to enter illegally.

You can help. The project needs volunteers to ride the bikes. We need 3 RVs to provide support for the riders. We hope to recruit state-wide coordinators to help with directing the weary riders to a ranch or home or RV park where they can rest. Riders and drivers will receive money for food, gas and transportation.

By appearing on radio, TV and newspapers, the project will reach 50 million people in time for the 2006 federal elections.

Please contact Howard J. Wooldridge at 301-695-1739 or Frosty Wooldridge at 303-666-6186.