Posted on March 3, 2006

College GOP Protests Affirmative Action

News 14 Carolina (Charlotte), Feb. 28, 2006

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — District 12 congressional candidate Vernon Robinson joined University of North Carolina at Charlotte Republicans on Monday to protest affirmative action.

They made their point by selling cookies and baked goods at different prices based on their colors and shapes.

UNC Charlotte does not have affirmative action on campus and some students said they find that discriminatory.

“We feel that it is violating our rights and we are in protest because you are not on a college campus to be racist, to be a separatist,” said Lenwood Thompson III, a student for affirmative action. “You are here to learn from other cultures and learn what college has to offer.”

Students against affirmative action say that it is unfair to allow students to attend schools based on race rather than by grades.

“It no longer works,” said Nathan Shore. “It inaccurately pairs students with schools and thus leads to lower dropout rates and GPAs for minorities and that has a ripple effect for society.”

College Republican groups across the country held bake sales yesterday to speak out against affirmative action.