Posted on March 27, 2006

By Their Fruits (Or Lack of Them) Shall You Know Them

Nick Griffin, British National Party website, March 21, 2006

If the neo-cons didn’t have the “world-Jewish conspiracy” theorists to hamstring patriotic opposition to their war, they’d have to invent them. Nick Griffin warns against a monumental blunder.

“Don’t let yourself be played like a fiddle” was the warning I received the other day from an American nationalist whose dedication to the cause of white survival is without doubt very sincere. The warning relates to the way in which the British National Party is positioned very firmly to benefit politically from ever-growing popular concern about the rise of Islam. The concern behind it is the belief that the growth of such sentiment is all part of a plot by powerful neo-conservatives to get America, Britain and the nations of Europe to invade the Middle East and make the world safe for the Zionist state of Israel. By extension, anyone who criticises Islam is liable to be accused by hardcore adherents of this theory of “working for the Jews.”

As a matter of fact, I have no doubt at all that the neo-con clique around George Bush are indeed influenced by such considerations; the power of the Zionist lobby in American politics is a straightforward political fact of life. The purpose of this article is neither to rehash nor to deny the material that proves this to be the case.

Nor am I launching a personal attack on Michael Hoffmann, author of the excellent book ‘They Were White and They Were Slaves’, who has recently criticised me for describing Islam as an evil religion (actually I said it was a “vicious, wicked faith”, but I’ll go with “evil” too). But it is to sound in return my own warning to people whose one-track concern about “the Jews” is blinding them to the clear and present danger of resurgent Islam.

Mike is one such person. “What is it about the Koran or Muhammad that makes Islam evil?” he asks, alleging as he does so that such claims are “racist neo-con propaganda”. Oh dear, the words “lost” and “plot” spring to mind, although there’s nothing here that a day or two living with a white (or, for that matter, Hindu or Pakistani Christian) family in Muslim-dominated parts of Bradford wouldn’t cure.

Bloody history

So for those who haven’t had the benefit of such intensive diversity training, where should we start? How about the Koran’s advocacy of world conquest and the subjugation or murder of non-Muslims? How about the fact that Allah told his followers that the whole world is their Promised Land (tough on the previous occupants), which is surely a bit more drastic than the most extreme Zionists’ claim on the bit of desert between the Nile and the Euphrates?

Or how about the mass beheadings of POWs, the rape of their wives and the enslavement of their children, as practised with gusto by Muhammad, thereby providing religious justification for such horrors and an example of Islamic ‘best practice’ for all time? What’s evil about Islam? Go ask the Serbs, go ask the Sikhs, go ask the remnants of once vibrant Christian communities in Pakistan or Egypt, come ask the mothers of Keighley.

I cannot for the life of me see how the fact that there are also some thoroughly unpleasant ‘racist’ sections in the Talmud can in some way make it wrong for genuine European patriots to warn of the danger posed by mass Muslim immigration. Not least because the Talmud is only a collection of ancient and often contradictory commentaries and debates, which individual Jews are not obliged to study or believe. This is very different from the position with the Koran, which all Muslims are obliged — on pain of death for apostasy — to follow as the literal word of Allah.

Furthermore, in real politics in the real world, one’s proper choice of enemy is a group who you gain a worthwhile level of extra support by identifying, who you have a realistic chance of beating, and whose defeat will take you the furthest towards your goal. With millions of our people desperately and very reasonably worried by the spread of Islam and its adherents, and with the mass media — for a variety of reasons, to which we will come later in this essay — playing ‘Islamophobic’ messages like a scratched CD, the proper choice of enemy needn’t be left to rocket scientists.

British future

Mr. Hoffmann’s polemic may look good on paper, but here in Britain, we are not, contrary to his analysis, fighting Islamification on behalf either of the US Federal government or the ‘right’ of Elton John to ‘marry’ his boyfriend. We fight it because it is incompatible with the fundamental values of our civilisation, and because its followers would, if victorious, reduce our grandchildren to tax cows and sexual playthings.

Yes, I know, you can say such things have already come to pass under our present masters, and if we had a record of silence on such things we could indeed fairly be criticised as hypocrites. But we do not. The BNP has always taken a strong position on such issues, and continues to do so. We do not need lectures from anyone about the dangers and injustices of free market capitalism, and not only would we not allow Elton John to marry his boyfriend but our proposals for a strengthened Clause 28 would prevent such a sick parody of real marriage being shown on TV in any case.

Nor can we accept Mr. Hoffmann’s ridiculous suggestion that “If King Alfred the Great or Edward I could see Britain today they would join the Muslims in their protests and demonstrations rather than support so foul and degenerate a system.” For a start, Alfred was not that far from being a contemporary of Charles Martel, and would no doubt have reacted the same way to that great Frankish king had a Moorish invasion fleet landed on the coast of Dorset. And Edward I came from the era of the Crusades, when huge Western armies battled not only to secure access for Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, but also in a vital defensive backlash against centuries of Muslim aggression on the shrinking frontiers of Christendom itself.


So here’s my warning to these people: The enemy of your old enemy may turn out not to be your friend, but something much worse. And, on top of that piece of facts-of-life commonsense, there is a piece of plain realpolitik that those who attack the BNP stance on Islam should also take into account:

They are perilously close to entrenching themselves in political dead ground from which there can be no escape. Instead of working to take advantage of the biggest crisis that the genocidal multi-culti ‘experiment’ has ever faced, they are in danger of turning themselves into a despised, powerless and doomed cartoon caricature — a composite of Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw and Jane Fonda. Truly, they are living examples of the old adage that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, and then as farce.

When the overwhelming majority of the instinctively patriotic people of our nations feel threatened by an alien force which is self-evidently evil by Christian and democratic secular values alike, to place oneself in the position whereby our political opponents can portray you as an enemy sympathiser, a collaborator, a traitor, is political suicide.


That a significant number of US-based white nationalists look set to make precisely this catastrophic blunder is, as a matter of fact, no surprise: The USA is, after all, the country whose ‘far-right’ leadership has consistently failed even to establish a viable national organisation. They have freedoms, opportunities and resources that we European nationalists can only dream of, yet the USA shares with Ireland alone in the white world the dishonour of not having a proper nationalist political party.

By what monumental arrogance do such pathetic failures claim the right to criticise others, while their own people are doomed to perish not just for want of a realistic vision, but even of an organisation that will even try to save them?

The Irish have a valid excuse — the IRA threaten, beat and are willing to shoot anyone who opposes their ethnocidal neo-Marxist multi-culti version of ‘nationalism’ — but the American leaders have none. “The country’s too big”? Nonsense; distance and sparse population didn’t stop Pauline Hanson frightening the life out of the Australian Establishment, before her inexperience, naivety and a clique of liberal civic nationalist advisors killed off her grassroots rebellion. “Americans are too individualistic on account of their Anglo-Celtic roots?” That won’t do either. Again, Australians are even more so, and, in any case, Americans of German, Italian, Slavic, etc descent almost certainly outnumber those whose ancestors hailed from the British Isles, so this old excuse is precisely that.

No! If you seek the reason for the organisational void in American nationalism, blame several generations of self-appointed leaders and self-publicists who have consistently let down their dedicated, loyal, generous, good-hearted followers by one shatteringly bad judgement call after another.

Now they are doing it again, by abandoning the proper nationalist stance of complete neutrality and isolationism in connection with the endless quarrel between two rival bands of Middle Easterners. Siding with Islam against the neocons is no more a viable tactic than volunteering to infect yourself with the Ebola virus instead of AIDS.

Most ironic of all, in doing so, by defending and excusing Islam, they are cutting themselves off so thoroughly from any possibility of winning public support, and thus they are playing into the hands of the very neo-cons they are so desperate to oppose.


Untold millions of white Europeans watched with growing anger as mobs of perfectly ordinary observant Muslims burnt embassies, butchered policemen and threatened Holy War over a few not particularly unflattering pictures of their prophet. But, meanwhile, various nationalist writers and self-appointed spokesmen were showing their growing disconnection from political reality by repeating Islamic claims (which may or may not contain some elements of truth) that the whole affair was part of a Mossad plot to poison relations between Muslims and white Europeans.

Poison relations between us and these charming people? Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London or Oldham or Keighley or Bradford. Or, for that matter, Malmo or Paris or Sydney or Brooklyn. I’ll show you poison, and it doesn’t come from our people, or even from those busy boys in the Mossad. It comes from a set of beliefs and resultant tactics that have come within a whisker of destroying our Europe altogether twice in the last fifteen hundred years, and are close to doing so again. The real Clash of Civilisations is not fated to take place in Persia or Arabia, but here in the heart of the West.

“May or may not contain some elements of truth,” I said. Is that too cynical for the purists? Then they need to wake up to the rules of real life politics rather than settling for last place every time. It’s better to be a little cynical on this issue and stand a chance of winning than to fret about which bunch of liars are lying in this particular instance and in so doing miss a great political opportunity to surf our message into the public mind on the back of a media tsunami of ‘Islamophobia’.