Posted on February 15, 2006

Houston’s New Soccer Team to Change Their Name

Elma Barrera, ABC-13 (Houston), Feb. 14, 2006

They’re less than two months from taking the field, but the team known as Houston 1836 may soon change its name. The 1836 is the team which used to be the San Jose Earthquakes, but the new name is causing a little controversy here in Houston.

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot since Major League Soccer announced that the San Jose Earthquakes were coming to Houston and would be called Houston 1836.

“People have been very sincere. Some say I don’t like the name or feel offended because of the name,” explained team president Oliver Luck. “They appreciate the fact that we use the name to symbolize the founding of the city, but certain things mean different things to folks.”

To some, 1836 might mean Texas independence. To others, it was the defeat of the Mexican army at San Jacinto and thus loss of some Mexican territory. Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia says 1836 might be sensitive to members of the Hispanic community and more.


In fact, it was Commissioner Garcia’s office that got the ball rolling after Hispanic leaders complained about the name.